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VB.Net and C# Interview Question and Answer

IT Interview questions and Answers for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, C# Framework, CLR, ADO.NET, Security

Interview questions and answers for C# and VB.Net, Interview question and answers for Microsoft .NET Framework, CLR. Interview question and answers for ADO.NET, Interview question and answers for basics of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic .NET, C# including Classes, OOPS, Syntaxes, Data access technologies, security. Interview question and answers for XML Web services, COM+, Server component.

Interview question answers for C# managed private and shared assembly, GAC, Versioning control.

C# and Visual Basic .NET Interview Question and Answer

.NET Framework interview questions and answers

NET Framework, .NET base class library, common language runtime (CLR), reference type and a value type, garbage collection, constructors and destructors, Public, Friend, and Private access levels, class and structure, configuration files, application domains,

C# and VB.NET User Interface interview questions and answers

User Interface Design, Controls, Container controls, Text Box, Form level and filed level Validation, Error and Help Provider, Context Menu, Shortcut Keys, Access Keys, Custom Controls, Docking, Control License Provider, Form Event.

.NET Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) interview questions and answers

.NET Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs), Enums, Properties, Method, event, Delegate, Class, Object, Inheritance, Abstract Class, Interface, Overloading, Polymorphism, arrays and collection, encapsulation, shadowing and overriding, must inherit, dispose, constructor, destructor, dispose, access modifier.

ADO.NET interview questions and answers

ADO.Net the data access architecture for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Dataset, data reader, daat adapter, command object, data provider, data table, data row, connection, transaction, sql command, sql stored procedure, Data view, data filter, sorting data, data relation, XML schema, read and write xml data.

Advanced .NET Framework Topics interview questions and answers

Advanced .NET Framework topics, Print Support, Localization, globalization, XML Web Service, accessibility requirements, HelpProvider component, CultureInfo, Unicode format, Com Interoperability,

Windows Service, COM+ and XML Web Services interview questions and answers

NET Framework Server Componentes, Windows Services, COM+, XML Web Services, Service Application, Event Logs, Service Control manager, Windows DNA, EnterpriseServices, remoting boundaries, channels, remoting applications, XML Documents, XPathNavigator, XML Web service, Web configuration

.NET Assemblies, Configuration, and Security interview questions and answers

NET Framework, Assemblies, Configuration, and Security, Metadata, manifest, Satellite assembly, Permission.

C# and VB.NET Setup and deployment interview questions and answers

C# and VB.NET Setup and deployment. XCOPY Deployment, Windows and Web Setup, bootstrapper, Interface Editor, launch condition, native image, custom action, registry editor.

C# and VB.NET General interview questions and answers

.NET Framework, manifest & metadata. properties, cast, boxing, constructor, garbage collector, scope of variable, value and reference type, serialization, authentication, ADO.NET, directcast,

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