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Microsoft Project - MPP Interview Question and Answer

Interview question and answers for Microsoft Project, MS project, tasks used in MS project, constraint in MS project, deadline in MS project, Gantt Chart, work contour, task links, resource levelling, Work Breakdown Structure, budget resource.

Interview Question and Answer for Microsoft Project Plan - MPP

1. List out the categories of tasks used in MS project?

  1. Summary tasks: It consists of subtasks and their related properties
  2. Subtasks: It is a smaller task that are part of a summary task
  3. Recurring tasks: These are the tasks that falls at regular intervals
  4. Milestones: These are the prime priority task that are adjusted to zero duration and are like short-term goals in the project

2. What is the characteristics of Gantt Chart Basics?

  1. In Gantt chart, each task is displayed by one row
  2. Dates are displayed in incremental order like days, weeks or months as per the total length of the project
  3. For each task expected, time is displayed by a horizontal bar whose left end indicates the estimated beginning of the task and right end indicates the estimated completion date
  4. Task may run parallel, sequentially or overlapping
  5. The chart is represented in the bar formation to a length proportional to the fraction of the work that has been completed
  6. On the left of the line, you will see the completed tasks
  7. Future tasks line lies to the right of the line
  8. Current task are cross the line and are behind schedule when filled in section is on the left of the line and ahead of schedule when it is right of the line

3. Explain what is resource levelling?

Resource levelling is the coolest feature given by MS project; these tool schedules work without over allocating work to the employees, especially for those who are indulged in multi-task activities. For example, there is a project A and B and allotted time for this project is 3 and 2 days. When an individual use resource levelling, it schedule the work as first 2 days for the project A and later two days for project B and again on the last day it will return to project A.

4. Explain how you can create and code a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in MS project?

  1. Inserting Tasks: If you forgot to insert task in the list you can add by clicking the place whee you want to add a task and go to “Insert>New” task or press “insert.”
  2. Outlining Structure: You will be creating an outline of the project by assigning the project name. In respect to do that you have to select all deliverables underneath the heading and then click the Indent button. They will all line up, and the deliverable will appear in bold
  3. Assign numerical code to tasks: Once you have created a work breakdown, you can assign a numerical code to it. In respect to do that go to “tools” in the task bar. Under “options”, you will see “outline options”, under this you have to click on check box with the option “show outline number”. You will see that the task list will have a numerical code in front of it.

5. How does MS Project determine a task is on the critical path?

If total slack is <= 0 it's on the critical path. Depending on the version this can be configured.

6. What is critical path?

It's the longest path of tasks to either a deadline or the last task in the project.

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