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Machine Learning, AI, Imaging, Encryption, Security Programming Tips and Ideas

Programming Tips for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Network, Computer Vision, Handwrite Recognition, Face Recognition, OCR, OMR, ICR, Image-processing, Computer Graphics, Encryption, Security, Connection String, SQL Injection etc.

VB.Net and C# code sample for advance project topic including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Network, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, ICR, OCR, Image Processing, Image Conversion.

Security ProgrammingEncryption and Decryption

Encryption and Decryption Programming Tips, Sample Source Code, Project for XOR Encryption, Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption, Public Key Encryption, 3DES, AES, Decryption Logic, XOR Key Finder, .NET Cryptography, String and Byte Encryption, Compression and Decompression. C#, VB.Net Sample project and source code download

Connection StringOracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, CSV Connection String

MS SQL Server Connection Strings, MS SQL Server 2005 Connection Strings, MS SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Connection Strings, Oracle Connection Strings, MySQL Connection Strings, PostGree SQL Connection Strings, MS Excel 1997-200-2003 Connection Strings, MS Excel 2007 Connection Strings, Text/CSV ISM Connection Strings, MS Access Connection Strings, MS Access 2007 Connection Strings, Visual FoxPro/ FoxPro 2.X Connection Strings, DBF Connection Strings.

Password RecoveryCryptanalysis, Key Combination and Brute Force Technique,

Brute force technique is very simple and efficient, basically it try out all possible combination of password by given character set. P

SQL InjectionTips to prevent SQL Injection in .NET Code

SQL Injection flaws are introduced when programmer create dynamic database queries that takes user input from front end. Get source code tips to prevent and validates, checks user input against sql injection.

Machine LearningMachine Learning in .NET, C# Project

Machine learning project source code using ML.Net (Microsoft Machine Learning Library for .NET). Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithm in .NET Project.

Neural NetworkC# .Net Neural Network Library

A C# .Net Wrapper for flexible, extendible and re-usable neural network library, an XML based programming language to create, train and run neural networks. You can develop many advanced projects by using this library like AI and Machine Learning, Training and Pattern Matching, Face recognition, OCR, ICR, Hand write recognition, Prediction of Stock Quote, Weather Forecast

Home > Programming Tips and Ideas