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Latest VB6 Project Ideas

VB6 Projects

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VB6 Project Topics

  1. A fake Review Identification system in VB6 and MS Access
  2. A Hybrid Solution for Agro Chemicals and Fertilizers in Visual Basic 6
  3. A New Scoring System for Scientific and Dental Clinical Needs using VB6
  4. Account Payable System a Visual Basic 6 Project Report
  5. Accounting management system in VB6 and MS Access
  6. Ad Agency Project Management System
  7. Adaptive Maintenance to Teaching Dance Studio
  8. Advance Oil store Maintenance
  9. Advance payroll management system in VB6 and NMS SQL
  10. Advanced Ultimate Search Tool
  11. Advocate Office Automation Process in VB
  12. Airline Flight Simulator for Optimizing Reservation System
  13. Airline Reservation System
  14. Airline Reservation System Project
  15. AirlineReservationSystem
  16. Airport Network Flight Schedule in VB
  17. Allocating Blood to Patient from Blood Bank
  18. An Agency-Client Dynamics in The Advertising Sector
  19. Apartment Buying and Sales Automation Process
  20. Apartment management system in Visual basic
  21. Apartment Management System Project in Vb.Net
  22. Apparatus for Managing Real Estate Brokerage Referrals
  23. Append Query Demo in Visual Basic and MS Access
  24. Architecture Building Estimation and Controlling for Engineers
  25. Artificial Intelligence in Trojan DetectionArtificial Intelligence in Trojan Detection
  26. ATM Machine Maintenance and Analysis
  27. Attrite Process for Analyzing Customer Transactions and Interactions
  28. Automated Sports Tournament Leagues
  29. Automation of Yarn Trading Company
  30. Automobile Agency and Maintenance System
  31. Bank Loan Trading System
  32. Bank Management System
  33. Bank Salary System Visual Basic Project Ideas
  34. Banking Management System
  35. Banking System
  36. Banking System VB.Net Project
  37. BankingSoftware
  38. Bar Graph in VB.Net Tutorial and Source code
  39. BarandRestaurant
  40. Beauty Parle Automation Process
  41. Best Business Opportunity for College Students
  43. billing sytem in VB
  44. Bioinformatics Tactics For Protein Improvement
  45. Blood Bank VB6 Project
  46. Book Shop Management System
  47. Boutique Ordering Automation Process
  48. Bus Ticketing Management System
  49. Bus Time Table Generator and Predictor
  50. Buying and Selling Cars in the Car-Showroom
  51. Cakeshop management system
  52. Calculator using Visual Basic
  53. Call Centre Supports for Multi-Users
  54. Call Coach Management System using VB.Net and ADO.Net
  55. Car Finance System for Car Loan Companies
  56. Supermarket Management System
  57. Supermarket Management System in VB
  58. Supply chain Silk Saree Distribution System
  59. System for Ordering Items Using an Electronic Catalogue
  60. System for Payroll and Benefits Administration
  61. System Information ProjectSystem Information Project
  62. Tailor Shop Development Maintains System
  63. Tax deduction System Visual Basic Project
  64. Telephone Billing System in VB
  65. Telephone Call Centres Supports for Multi-User
  66. Telephone enquiry system Project in Visual Basic
  67. Text Editor in VB6
  68. Textile Challenges Customization & Innovation
  69. The benefits and risks of Maintains for the Fish aquarium
  70. The Role of System in Poultry Farmers
  71. Tour Reservation Information and Planning System
  72. Tourism InformationGuide
  73. Traffic Police Area Wise Duty Allotment
  74. Travel Planning Agent and Administration process
  75. Tree View Control Demonstration in VB.NET
  76. True or False Game in Visual Basic 6
  77. Two Wheelers Service Maintenance
  78. Two Wheelers Showroom Automation
  79. Up and Down Blood Pressure Controlling Tactics
  80. Upload and View RTF files in Database using Visual Basic
  81. Upload Image VB.NET and MS Access Tutorial and Source code
  82. Vb 6 Cake Ordering System
  83. VB project on Data management system for a Pharmacy shop.
  84. Vehicle Pollution Certificate Issue
  85. Vehicle Shopping and Buying System and Method
  86. Vehicle Showroom Automation Technique
  87. Vehicle Traffic Management & Control System
  88. Video Library Management System
  89. Whole Sale Medical Shop Automation
  90. Xerox Shop Automation Process
  91. Zoo Animal Food Feeding Process System

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