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Python Projects

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Python Project Topics

  1. A Blockchain-Based Credible and Secure Education Data Management using Python
  2. A Blockchain-based Model for Cloud Service Quality Monitoring using Python
  3. A Decentralized Voting system using Python
  4. A Deep Learning using Python Approach to Infer Employment Status of Passengers using Python
  5. A Highly Reliable Metadata Service for Large-Scale Distributed File Systems using Python
  6. A Joint Relationship Aware Neural Network for Single-Image 3D Human Pose Estimation using Python
  7. A Novel Method to Predict Knee Osteoarthritis using Deep Learning using Python
  8. A Secure and Efficient Cloud-Centric Internet of Medical Things-Enabled Smart Healthcare System with Public Verifiability using Python
  9. A Time Series Mining Approach For Agricultural Area Detection using Python
  10. A Unified Framework for User Identification across Online and Offline Data using Python
  11. A Wide-Deep-Sequence Model-Based Quality Prediction Method in Industrial Process Analysis using Python
  12. Adaptive Similarity Embedding for Unsupervised Multi-View Feature Selection using Python
  13. Address book using Python
  14. Adversarial Training-Based Hard Example Mining for Pedestrian Detection in Fish-Eye Images using Python
  15. Age Calculator using Python
  16. AI Car with Real-time detection of Damaged Road and Lane Detection using Python
  17. AI Healthcare Bot System using Python using Python
  18. AI Mental Health Therapist Chatbot using Python
  19. Alarm clock using Python
  20. Algorithmic Trading using Python
  21. Alzheimer’s disease Detection using Deep Learning using Python
  22. Amazon Price Tracker using Python
  23. Ambulance Booking System using Python
  24. An end-to-end attack on text CAPTCHAs using Python
  25. Analysis of the share market using Python
  26. Android chatbot using Python
  27. Ant Colony Optimization for the Control of Pollutant Spreading on Social Networks using Python
  28. Apple Fruit Disease Detection using Image Processing in Python
  29. Arcade Shooter Game Python using Python
  30. Attribute-Based Keyword Search over Hierarchical Data in Cloud Computing using Python
  31. Auto capture Selfie by Detecting Smile Python using Python
  32. Auto Update Excel Sheets using Python
  33. Automate Bills Payment using Python
  34. Automate email marketing campaigns using Python
  35. Automate Website Login using Python
  36. Automate WhatsApp using Python
  37. Automatic Online Form Filling using Python
  38. Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detector using Python
  39. Automatic Salt Segmentation with UNET in Python using Deep Learning using Python
  40. Automatic Traffic Control using Python
  41. Automatic Tweet Posting using Python
  42. Automating Your Digital Morning Routine using Python
  43. Bank Management System Project using Python
  44. Benchmarking Blocking Algorithms for Web Entities using Python
  45. Binary Search Algorithm using Python
  46. Bird Species Identification Using Deep Learning using Python
  47. Bitcoin Price Notifications using Python
  48. Bitcoin Price Prediction using Machine Learning using Python
  49. Black Jack using Python
  50. Blockchain Based Anonymous Authentication with Key Management for Smart Grid Edge Computing Infrastructure using Python
  51. Blockchain Tender/Contract Management System using Python
  52. Blog Web Application using Python
  53. Blog(beginner level) using Python
  54. Blood Grouping Detection using Python
  55. Blood Pressure Prediction using machine Learning using Python
  56. Bone Fracture Detection using Python
  57. BRIGHT - Drift-Aware Demand Predictions for Taxi Networks using Python
  58. Build a Blockchain using Python
  59. Build a contact book using Python
  60. Building Chatbot using Python
  61. Building Personalized Transportation Model for Online Taxi-Hailing Demand Prediction using Python
  62. Calories Tracker using Python
  63. Calories Tracker web app using Python
  64. CAPER: Context-Aware Personalized Emoji Recommendation using Python
  65. Car Lane Detection Using NumPy OpenCV Python
  66. Chat Application using Python
  67. Chatbot Assistant System using Python
  68. ChatBot Automation using Python
  69. Chatbot using Python
  70. Child Vaccination Management System using Python
  71. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Prediction System using Python
  72. Citywide Bike Usage Prediction in a Bike-Sharing System using Python
  73. Coin Detection System Using OpenCV in Python using Python
  74. College Placement System Using Python
  75. College Registration website using Python
  76. Color Detection Using OpenCv Python Project using Python
  77. Comorbidity Patterns and its Impact on Health Outcomes: Two-way Clustering Analysis using Python
  78. Complex snake games using Python
  79. Conditional Variational Image Deraining using Python
  80. Contacts List using Python
  81. Content Aggregator using Python
  82. Context-Aware Deep Spatiotemporal Network for Hand Pose Estimation From Depth Images using Python
  83. Control PC from anywhere using Python
  84. Count words from Paragraph using Python
  85. Countdown Timer using Python
  86. Crawl Wikipedia Pages with Python
  87. Create a Reddit Bot using Python
  88. Credit Card Fraud Detection System using Python
  89. Credit scoring system using Python
  90. Crime Rate Prediction and Analysis using k-means Clustering Algorithm using Python
  91. Crowdsourcing based Description of Urban Emergency Events using Social Media Big Data using Python
  92. Cryptocurrency price prediction using Machine Learning using Python Python
  93. Currency Converter using Python
  94. Customer Churn Prediction using Deep Learning using Python Technique
  95. Customer Segmentation system using Python
  96. DAG: A General Model for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining using Python
  97. Data Duplication Removal using File Checksum with Python using Python
  98. DCAP: A Secure and Efficient Decentralized Conditional Anonymous Payment System Based on Blockchain using Python
  99. Decision Tree Based Tourism Recommendation System using Python
  100. Deep Convolutional Neural Network based Medical Concept Normalization using Python
  101. Deep Learning using Python Enhanced Human Activity Recognition for Internet of Healthcare Things using Python
  102. Deep Pyramidal Pooling With Attention for Person Re-Identification using Python
  103. Deep Representation-Based Domain Adaptation for Nonstationary EEG Classification using Python
  104. Deep Saliency Hashing for Fine-Grained Retrieval using Python
  105. Dental Caries Detection System using Python
  106. Depression Detection System using Python
  107. Designing Secure and Efficient Biometric-Based Secure Access Mechanism for Cloud Services using Python
  108. Desktop Notifier using Python
  109. Detecting Brain Tumors and Alzheimer’s Using Python
  110. Detecting Fake News using Python
  111. Detection of fraud credit card using Python
  112. Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning using Python
  113. Dice Roller using Python
  114. Dice Rolling Simulator using Python
  115. Dictionary Application using Python
  116. Differentially Private Unknown Worker Recruitment for Mobile Crowdsensing using Python
  117. Discriminative Reconstruction Constrained Generative Adversarial Network for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection using Python
  118. Discriminative Residual Analysis for Image Set Classification With Posture and Age Variations using Python
  119. D-LSTM: Short-Term Road Traffic Speed Prediction Model Based on GPS Positioning Data using Python
  120. Dog Breed Classification using Deep Learning using Python
  121. Domain-Specific Bayesian Deep-learning Approach for Air Pollution Forecast using Python
  122. Draw Various Shapes using Python
  123. Drawing Doraemon using Python
  124. Drawing IronMan Helmet using Python
  125. Drawing Pikachu using Python
  126. Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Python
  127. Drug Recommendation System based on Sentiment Analysis of Drug Reviews using Python
  128. Ecommerce Fake Product Reviews Monitor and Deletion System using Python
  129. Ecommerce Food Products Sales Forecasting System using Python
  130. Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System Project using Python
  131. E-Commerce Website Project using Python
  132. E-commerce Website using Python
  133. Efficient Courier Tracking System Project using Python
  134. EKT: Exercise-aware Knowledge Tracing for Student Performance Prediction using Python
  135. Election Results Prediction Using Machine Learning using Python and Twitter using Python
  136. Electronics Ecommerce Website Python using Python
  137. Email App with Django using Python
  138. Email Slicer using Python
  139. Emotion Correlation Mining Through Deep Learning using Python
  140. Emotion Correlation Mining Through Deep Learning using Python Models on Natural Language Text using Python
  141. Emotion recognition software using Python
  142. Employee Attrition Prediction using Python
  143. Employee Management System Project using Python
  144. Enabling Encrypted Boolean Queries in Geographically Distributed Databases using Python
  145. Enabling Strong Privacy Preservation and Accurate Task Allocation for Mobile Crowdsensing using Python
  146. End-to-End Single Image Fog Removal Using Enhanced Cycle Consistent Adversarial Networks using Python
  147. Enriching Data Imputation under Similarity Rule Constraints using Python
  148. e-RNSP: An Efficient Method for Mining Repetition Negative Sequential Patterns using Python
  149. Expense Tracker using Python
  150. Extracting Medical Knowledge from Crowd sourced Question Answering Website using Python
  151. Face Mask Detection using Python
  152. Face Recognition Attendance System for Employees using Python
  153. Face Recognition Attendance System using Python
  154. Face Recognition based Attendance System using Machine Learning using Python
  155. Face Recognition using Python
  156. Face Recognition with Age, Gender, Ethnicity using Python
  157. Facial Emotion Detection using Neural Networks using Python
  158. Fake Job Post Detection using Machine Learning using Python
  159. Fake News Detection using Python
  160. Fibonacci Generator using Python
  161. File Explorer in Python
  162. File Manager Python Project
  163. File Sharing website using Python
  164. File Transfer System using Elliptic Curve Cryptography using Python
  165. Fitness activity recognition for smartphone using Python
  166. Flappy Bird Game using Python
  167. Flappy Bird using Python
  168. Flight Ticket Price Predictor using Python
  169. Food Recognition and Calorie Measurement using Python
  170. Fraud app detection software using Python
  171. Fraud app detection using Python
  172. Gender and age detection system using Python
  173. Gender Recognition by voice using Python
  174. Generate QR-Code for a website using Python
  175. Geospatial Event Detection by Grouping Emotion Contagion in Social Media using Python
  176. GIF Creator using Python
  177. Google Image downloader using Python
  178. Graphical Password Authentication System by Using Pass Point Scheme using Python
  179. Green Screen Background Remover using Python
  180. GUI Based Stock Management & Control System Project using Python
  181. Half-Quadratic Minimization for Unsupervised Feature Selection on Incomplete Data using Python
  182. Handwritten Character recognition and Digit Recognition using Deep Learning using Python
  183. Handwritten digit classification system
  184. Happy Birthday in Python
  185. HawkesEye: Detecting Fake Retweeters Using Hawkes Process and Topic Modeling
  186. Heart Attack Risk Prediction using Retinal Eye Images
  187. Heart Failure Prediction System
  188. Heterogeneous Daily Living Activity Learning using Python through Domain Invariant Feature Subspace
  189. Hierarchical Human-Like Deep Neural Networks for Abstractive Text Summarization
  190. Hierarchical Latent Context Representation for Context-Aware Recommendations
  191. House Price Prediction using Machine Learning using Python
  192. How do you write a project in Python?
  193. How to make projects in python?
  194. How to run a python project?
  195. Human Authentication using Walking Style
  196. Human Detector and Counter using Python
  197. Image Steganography Project using Python
  198. Image to Story using Python
  199. Image To Text or Extract text from images using Python
  200. Instagram Automation using Python
  201. Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning using Python System
  202. Item Recommendation for Word-of-Mouth Scenario in Social E-Commerce using Python
  203. Jarvis like Voice Assistant using Python
  204. Job Portal using Python
  205. Knee Osteoarthritis Detection & Severity Prediction using Python
  206. KT-GAN: Knowledge-Transfer Generative Adversarial Network for Text-to-Image Synthesis using Python
  207. Lane-Line Detection System in Python using OpenCV using Python
  208. Laundry Shop Management System using Python
  209. Leaf Detection System using Python
  210. Learning Disability Detector and Classifier System using Python
  211. Library Management System Project using Python
  212. Library Management System Using Python
  213. Library Management System using Python
  214. License Plate Detection using Python
  215. Lightening Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement using Python
  216. Lightweight Blockchain Consensus Protocols for Vehicular Social Networks using Python
  217. Liver Cirrhosis Prediction System using Random Forest using Python
  218. Loan Management System using Python
  219. Local-Global Memory Neural Network for Medication Prediction using Python
  220. Local–Global Memory Neural Network for Medication Prediction using Python
  221. Login with Face using Python
  222. Logistics Management System Project in Python using Python
  223. LSTM based Phishing Detection for Big Email Data using Python
  224. Lung Cancer Detection Using CNN using Python
  225. MAB-Based Reinforced Worker Selection Framework for Budgeted Spatial Crowdsensing using Python
  226. Magic 8 ball using Python
  227. Magic 8-Ball using Python
  228. Make a Music Player in Python using Python
  229. Management of Employee using Python
  230. Management of Horticulture
  231. Medicinal Plant Classification using Machine Learning using Python
  232. Mental Health Detection Machine Learning using Python
  233. Minecraft using Python
  234. Monty Hall Simulation Problem using Python
  235. Mouse Controller using Python
  236. Mouse Cursor Control using Eye Movements using Python
  237. Movie recommendation system using Python
  238. Movie Success Prediction System using Python
  239. MP3 Music Player using Python
  240. Multiple Disease Prediction System using Machine Learning using Python
  241. Music Genres Classificationusing Python
  242. Music Player using Python
  243. Music Recommendation System by Facial Emotion using Python
  244. Netflix Clone using Python
  245. NeuroTrust - Artificial Neural Network-based Intelligent Trust Management Mechanism for Large-Scale Internet of Medical Things using Python
  246. News App using Python
  247. Noise Cancellation using Python
  248. Notepad like Text Editor using Python
  249. Number Guessing game in Python
  250. Number Guessing using Python
  251. Number to Words using Python
  252. Object Detection using Python
  253. Object Discovery From a Single Unlabeled Image by Mining Frequent Itemset With Multi-scale Features using Python
  254. On both Cold-Start and Long-Tail Recommendation with Social Data using Python
  255. On Security of an Identity-Based Dynamic Data Auditing Protocol for Big Data Storage using Python
  256. On the Security of Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by MSB Prediction using Python
  257. Online Auction System using Python using Python
  258. Online College Admission Management System Project using Python
  259. Online Complaint Registration & Management System using Python
  260. Online Crime Reporting System using Python
  261. Online Election System Using Python
  262. Online Employee Payroll Management System Project using Python
  263. Online Employee Recruitment System Project using Python
  264. Online examination and evaluation system using Python
  265. Online Fake Logo Detection System using Python
  266. Online Fashion Stylist Website using Python
  267. Online Grocery Recommender System using Python
  268. Online Healthcare Information Management System Project using Python
  269. Online Inventory Management System Project in Python
  270. Online Music Player using Python
  271. Online Nursery Plant Shopping Website Python using Python
  272. Online Organic Health Food Store Project using Python
  273. Online PDF to Text Converter & Language Translator Python
  274. Online Pricing with Reserve Price Constraint for Personal Data Markets using Python
  275. Online Property Management System Project using Python
  276. Online Resume Builder using Python
  277. Online Shoes Shopping Website Project using Python
  278. Online Sports Turf Playground Booking System using Python
  279. Online Stock Photo Ecommerce Website using Python
  280. Online Transaction Fraud Detection using Python & Backlogging on E-Commerce using Python
  281. Online Voting System Project Python using Python
  282. Organ Donation System using Python
  283. Outlier Detection Using Structural Scores in a High-Dimensional Space using Python
  284. Paint Application using Python
  285. Pancreatic Tumor Detection Using Image Processing using Python
  286. Parking Space Detection using Python
  287. Parkinson’s Detector System using Python
  288. Parkinson’s Disease Detection Using Spiral Images (Hand Drawings) using Python
  289. Password Generator using Python
  290. Payment System using Python
  291. Performance Analysis on Students Feedback for Faculty using LSTM Algorithm using Python
  292. Personality prediction system using Python
  293. Personality-Assisted Multi-Task Learning using Python
  294. PHISHSIM:  Phishing Website Detection using Python
  295. Pinterest Clone using Python
  296. Plagiarism Checker using Python
  297. Plastic Waste Detection using Python
  298. Pneumonia Detection using Python
  299. Poll web App using Python
  300. Portfolio website using Python
  301. Practical Escrow Protocol for Bitcoin using Python
  302. Predicting Agriculture Using Naive Bayes Algorithm using Python
  303. Predicting House Prices using Python
  304. Predicting Poverty Level from Satellite Imagery using Python
  305. Prediction of Taxi Destinations Using a Novel Data Embedding Method and Ensemble Learning using Python
  306. Preserving Balance between Privacy and Data Integrity in Edge-Assisted Internet of Things using Python
  307. Price Comparison Website for Online Shopping Project using Python
  308. PriRadar: A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Spatial Crowdsourcing using Python
  309. Privacy-Preserving User Profile Matching in Social Networks using Python
  310. Private Coded Matrix Multiplication using Python
  311. Projects of data analysis using Python
  312. Providing Task Allocation and Secure Deduplicationfor Mobile Crowdsensing via Fog Computing using Python
  313. Python Artificial Intelligence Projects using Python
  314. Python Computer Vision Projects using Python
  315. Python Data Science Projects using Python
  316. Python Deep Learning using Python Projects
  317. Python Django (Web Development) Projects using Python
  318. Python Doctor Appointment Booking System using Python
  319. Python Image Forgery Detection using MD5 OpenCV using Python
  320. Python Internet of Things Projects using Python
  321. Python Machine Learning using Python
  322. Python program in Online mobile recharge using Python
  323. Python Snake Game using Python
  324. Python with AI using Python
  325. Python with Android using Python
  326. Python with Deep Learning using Python
  327. Python with IOT using Python
  328. Python with Machine Learning using Python
  329. Python with Raspberryusing using Python
  330. QR-code Generator using Python
  331. Quality Inference Based Task Assignment in Mobile Crowdsensing using Python
  332. Queue using Python
  333. Quiz App using Python
  334. Quiz Application using Python
  335. Real Estate Price Prediction using Machine Learning using Python
  336. Real State Management System using Python
  337. Real Time Facial Expression Based Smart Music Player using Python
  338. Real time Facial expression recognition in Python | Facial Emotion Detection using Python
  339. Realtime Face Speech Emotion Recognition in Worker Stress Analysis using Python
  340. Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection for Sign Language Recognition using Python using Python
  341. Recursive Triangle using Python
  342. Reddit Bot using Python
  343. Research of low-cost flow-operations using Python
  344. Restaurant Management System Project using Python
  345. Resume Builder using Python
  346. Rice Leaf Disease Detection using Efficientnet using Python
  347. Robust Cumulative Crowdsourcing Framework Using New Incentive Payment Function and Joint Aggregation Model using Python
  348. Rock Paper Scissor Game using Python
  349. Rock Paper Scissors Game using Python
  350. Satellite Imagery Analysis using Python
  351. Scrape Wikipedia Pages using Python
  352. SDTE: A Secure Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem using Python
  353. Secure Banking Transactions Using Blockchain Technology using Python
  354. Secure File Storage on Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography using Python
  355. Secure Land Registry System using Blockchain using Python
  356. Secure Persona Prediction and Data Leakage Prevention System using Python
  357. SecureNLP: A System for Multi-Party Privacy-Preserving Natural Language Processing using Python
  358. Send emails using Python
  359. Sense and Sensibility: Characterizing Social Media Users Regarding the Use of Controversial Terms for COVID-19 using Python
  360. SentiDiff: Combining Textual Information and Sentiment Diffusion Patterns for Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python
  361. Short-term Rainfall Forecasting Using Multi-layer Perceptron using Python
  362. SIF: Self-Inspirited Feature Learning using Python for Person Re-Identification using Python
  363. Sign Language Recognition Using Python
  364. Signature verification System using Python
  365. Signature Verification System using Python
  366. Simple Calculator GUI using Python
  367. Simple Notes Making App using Python
  368. Simple online calculator using Python
  369. Simple Register and Login System using Python
  370. Site Connectivity Checker using Python
  371. Skin Disease Detection System using Python
  372. Skin Lesion Analysis towards Melanoma Detection using Python
  373. Slide Puzzle using Python
  374. Smart Campus Surveillance and Guidance System using Python
  375. Snake Game using Python
  376. Snake Game using Turtle using Python
  377. Social Media Application using Python
  378. Source-Location Privacy Protection based on Anonymity Cloud in Wireless Sensor Networks using Python
  379. Space Shooter Combat Game Python using Python
  380. Speech Emotion Detection System using Python
  381. Speech to Text Conversion using Django using Python
  382. Stock price prediction system using Python
  383. Stock Price Prediction using Python
  384. Stock Price Tracker using Python
  385. Story Generator program using Python
  386. Story Generator using Python
  387. Stress Detection In IT Professionals by Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence using Python
  388. Stroke Prediction System using Linear Regression using Python
  389. Strong Password Generator using Python
  390. Student Feedback Review System using Python
  391. Student Management System Project using Python
  392. Student Teacher Performance Prediction using Machine Learning using Python
  393. Students Grievance Redressal Cell Python using Python
  394. Subjective Answer Evaluation using Machine Learning using Python
  395. Syntax Highlighter using Python
  396. Taking ScreenShots
  397. Taxi Demand Prediction Using Parallel Multi-Task Learning using Python
  398. Taxi Demand Prediction Using Parallel Multi-Task Learning using Python Model
  399. Taxi Demand Prediction Using Parallel Multi-Task Learning using Python Model using Python
  400. Tetris game in PyGame using Python
  401. Text from video using Python
  402. Text to speech using Python
  403. The Management system of a morgue using Python
  404. The Online system of crime judgment using Python
  405. Three-Level Password System Using Python using Python
  406. Thresholds Based Image Extraction Schemes in Big Data Environment in Intelligent Traffic Management using Python
  407. Tic-Tac-Toe Automation using Python
  408. Tic-Tac-Toe using Python
  409. Time-aware Smart Object Recommendation in Social Internet of Things using Python
  410. To-do app using Python
  411. Towards Unsupervised Deep Image Enhancement With Generative Adversarial Network using Python
  412. Toxic Comment Classification System using Deep Learning using Python
  413. T-PCCE: Twitter Personality based Communicative Communities Extraction System for Big Data using Python
  414. Traffic Demand Prediction Based on Dynamic Transition Convolutional Neural Network using Python
  415. Traffic Sign Recognition System using CNN using Python
  416. Traffic Signal Violation Detection using Python
  417. Train Delay Prediction using ML using Python
  418. Transfer to Rank for Top-N Recommendation using Python
  419. Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using Python
  420. Travel and Tourism Website using Python
  421. Travel Together – A Travel Buddy using Python
  422. Trust Relationship Prediction in Alibaba E-Commerce Platform using Python
  423. Twitter bot automation using Python
  424. UPI Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning using Python
  425. URL Shortner using Python
  426. Use of Pose Estimation in Elderly People using Python
  427. Using Latent Knowledge to Improve Real-Time Activity Recognition for Smart IoT using Python
  428. Vehicle Number Plate Detection and Recognition Python using Python
  429. Vehicle Speed Detection using OpenCV and Python using Python
  430. Video Chat App using Python
  431. Virtual Mouse using Hand Gesture Recognition using Python
  432. Virtual Trial Room for Online Shopping using Python
  433. Vision-Based Fatigue Driving Recognition Method Integrating Heart Rate and Facial Features using Python
  434. Vitamin Deficiency Detection using Image Processing using Python
  435. Voice assistant like Jarvis using Python
  436. Voice Assistant using Python
  437. Weather web App using Python
  438. Web Based Blood Donation Management System Project using Python
  439. Web Based Pharmaceutical Store Sales Forecasting System using Python
  440. Web Based Place Finder using Python
  441. Website blocker Program using Python
  442. Website Blocker using Python
  443. Website Vulnerability Scanning System using Python
  444. WildTrackAI – Applies Computer Vision to Animal Footprint Classification using Python
  445. Wish list Products Price Comparison Website Project using Python
  446. With a Feature-Free Tool using Python
  447. Yoga Poses Detection using OpenPose using Python

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