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Live Project - 2. IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer)

IMPRO - Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer System. If you are a final year college student of Diploma Engineering, BSC-IT, BE, BCA, MCA, MS, MBA from IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University - SMU, DOEACC and looking for complete software project source code, abstract, synopsis and documentation for academic use then you can download complete project listing with source code, project documentation, database structure of live project. Here you can download complete readymade project for submission with Synopsis, Flow Chart, DFD, Requirement, Documentation. No 1 site for Free download of Academic Live Project in VB6, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server Source Code for final year, semester college and university student, mini, major project submission of BTech, BE, BCA, MCA, MBA.

IMPRO is a live project written in VB.NET  and SQL Server. It is a working solution. I give you complete project listing with all project file, source code, database. You can use this project as you want. I am not claim any copyright for this project. You can free download all the project documentation, project source code, project executable files, database from download link. Code are well commented for your reference, however if you want any clarification you can contact me for further explanation.

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  1. Commercial visual basic application developer can use this project as a whole or part of it as required.

  2. Student who are submitting their final year project for BE, BCA, BSC-IT, MCA, MS, this project is well commented, ready made project documentation available for submission.

  3. Who want to learn database programming in Microsoft C#.

  4. Who want to know how to develop commercial application from project requirement to implementation and  final documentation.

Project Description

The objective behind developing IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer) is to maintain the hierarchy of the employees within an organization. It provides the manger and administrative department an overall hierarchical view of the complete enterprise and helps them in managing employees.

Every Organization has many managers, who are responsible for all the activities in the organization. These managers manage different aspects of the organizational management issues, such as manufacturing, production, Marketing, etc; one such essential management issue is IMPRO

As years progressed, the approach of the management changed towards the human capital. Now Hierarchical Organization is part of every organization, and has its own identity and importance. In this scenario, the bigger organizations need to put lot of effort in the management of human Resources, as they are underlying capital asset to the organization. In doing so, along with times, the Organization Information changed from its basic operations to more strategic approach.

Some of the features are.

  • Finding ground level employee performance by the topmast manager.

  • Maintenance of profile details of the employees, and retrievals as and when required.

  • Overall & detailed view of the organization hierarchy, which is very much essential in making effective decisions.

  • Judging the potentiality of the employees.

  • Maintenance of the data when the organization has many branches spread over wide geographical area.

  • Accessing one branch information from another branch.

  • Future planning issues based on the current HR information.

  • Employees success planning.

  • Vacancy situations and their priority /effect on the organizations performance.

  • Employee motivational & conflict resolving issues.

We need to consider while doing the project.

  • The user should be provided with all information of the employee details.

  • User friendly interface with minimal training

  • intranet based application

  • provide hierarchical view of the organization

  • provide facilities for future planning


Operating system : Windows 2000 or later
Front End : VB.Net
Back End : SQL Server 2000


Processor : Intel Pentium or more
Ram : 128 MB or more
Cache : 512 KB
Hard disk : 16 GB hard disk recommended

Download the project documentation, source code, database and report files.

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