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online examination system
m Posted: Tuesday 30, September 2014 11:39:57 PM     
i downloaded the project of online examination and it is really
 nice but i cannot see the database file....i would appreciate 
if you uploaded it or perhaps sent it to me to this email mohos
alama@yahoo.com thank you
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 Riya Walia Posted: Tuesday 18, November 2014 04:51:11 PM
Plzz send me this project.
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 Richard Sarpong Posted: Thursday 20, November 2014 02:31:59 PM
Pls I also downloaded the online examination project and the database is unavailable. Pls here is my
 email address... christinrichard247@yahoo.com I would appreciate it if you can send the database sc
ript to me. Thanks!
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 AJProfessionals Posted: Friday 21, November 2014 05:13:32 AM
hi.. you can download it from

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 Mohana Posted: Wednesday 03, December 2014 12:41:47 PM
same problem arise to me..please send database file this mail "srisrimohana@gmail.com"

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