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  User Name: Riya Walia   Joined: Saturday 24, Oct 2009 04:47 PM
  Forum Rank Beginer   Last Post Date: Saturday 24, Oct 2009 05:14 PM
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Last 5 Post by Riya Walia
Topic:Hello Admin, Please upload the latest solved assignment for the SMU 3rd Seme ster Project Management Solved Assignments for 2016. I urgently need them, as 31 March 2016 is the last date to upload the ass ignments. PLEASE HELP
Wednesday 15,February 2017 05:04
Plz upload latest assignment

Topic:plz explain joins in sql server.
Wednesday 15,February 2017 05:03

Topic:Hi.. please share, like, post comment at [UR]https://www.facebook.com/programmer2programmer/[/UR] [:)][:)][:)][:)]
Tuesday 23,August 2016 06:02

Topic:Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Networks ================================================== [B]Abstract[/B] : The shared nature of the medium in wireless n etworks makes it easy for an adversary to launch a Wireless Den ial of Service (WDoS) attack. Recent studies, demonstrate that such attacks can be very easily accomplished using off-the shel f equipment. To give a simple example, a malicious node can con tinually transmit a radio signal in order to block any legitima te access to the medium and/or interfere with reception. This a ct is called jamming and the malicious nodes are referred to as jammers. Jamming techniques vary from simple ones based on the continual transmission of interference signals, to more sophis ticated attacks that aim at exploiting vulnerabilities of the p articular protocol used. In this survey, we present a detailed up-to-date discussion on the jamming attacks recorded in the li terature. We also describe various techniques proposed for dete cting the presence of jammers. Finally, we survey numerous mech anisms which attempt to protect the network from jamming attack s. We conclude with a summary and by suggesting future directio ns. For further details of this project please email at [B]ajprofessionals@gmail.com[/B]
Monday 08,August 2016 07:13
Sir.. please upload source code and project report of this project, want to use for my MCA IGNOU fin
al year project.

Topic:i cant download this project..help me right now
Thursday 14,January 2016 06:21
Plz share db files


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