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Online Student Registration System (ASP, Java Script, MS Access)- Free download of Readymade Complete Live Project  Source Code, Synopsis, Project Report for final year college  student, project submission of BE, BSC-IT, BCA, MCA, MBA, IGNOU, SMU, DOEACC.  Download Includes Project Abstract Synopsis, Project Report, Demo, Flow Chart, DFD, Data Dictionary, Requirement Analysis, SRS, Flow Chart, Documentation.

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Live Project - 3.  Online Student Registration System

Type : Web, Technology : ASP, Java Script, MS Access; Credit : AJProfessionals

The Online Student Registration System is an web based portal developed in ASP. Online Registration system will allow online submission of student application, Student Registration, Perform Computer based quiz/test. Stored test results, modify student profile. Online Student Registration System Project consists of two functional elements: an enhanced Student module for Registration, Edit Profile, View Test history, Change Password. Online Test/Quiz Module for Start test, give examination, calculate results, store test results, manage question banks.

You can free download all the project documentation, project source code, active server page (*.asp) files, Java Script (.js) files, cascading style sheet (.cs) CSS files, Image and Layout files, database, Installation Guide from download link. Code are well commented for your reference, however if you want any clarification you can contact me for further explanation, click here to view online demo of this application.

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Who can use this project ?

  • Submission of semester and final year college student for academic purpose.

  • Student who are submitting their mini, major project for BE, BCA, BSC-IT, BIT, MBA, MCA, MS, this project is well commented, ready made project documentation available for submission.

  • Who want to learn asp and database programming in visual basic script.

  • Student of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore University of India and other international university.

  • IGNOU, SMU, DOEACC student.

  • How to develop web projects by using ASP, Java Script.

  • How to host web application in IIS - Internet Information Server.


Currently student submits hardcopy of filled application form to the college/university, office staff enters all data into excel file and write same in manual register. Issue hall ticket / admit card to student and conduct test for student. Student comes to college and give test for the specified date. Office staff check all the paper calculate results and type all the details for taking printout and display it in college premises. College inform student to check the result, student comes to college and view the results.

Proposed online student registration system will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process. System will allow student to fill the form online, system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. After successful submission, system will give unique registration no for each student. Student can login into system by using registration no and give online test. System will show the result after instantly and stored the results for further use.

Project Requirement

  • On line submission of application forms.

  • On-line Quizzes for the first semester courses. There should be minimum 50 questions (objective types with four options)

  • When user leaves the test its result should be displayed at that moment.

  • There should be a proper login system for the user where security is required.

  • The web technologies to be used ; DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP

  • The proper validation should be done.

After analysis the requirement we decide that we need to create following web pages

  • Home Page
  • Login Page
  • My Page
  • Registration
  • Change Password
  • Edit Profile
  • Start Test
  • Examination
  • Results
  • FAQ
  • Contact Us

Deployment Environment

  • Database Server
    OS – Win 2003 Enterprise Server
    MS Access
    HDD – Min 10 GB, Recommended 25 GB
    RAM – Min 1 GB, Recommended 2 GB
    Processor - Pentium Dual Xenon Processor

  • Application Server
    OS – Win 2003 Enterprise Server
    IIS – Internet Information Server
    HDD – Min 5 GB, Recommended 10 GB
    RAM – Min 1 GB, Recommended 2 GB
    Processor - Pentium Dual Xenon Processor

  • Workstation: The online registration system web application will operate with the following Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0, 6.0. 7.0.

Development Tools and Technologies

  • ASP (Active Server Pages)
    -Inbuilt with IISS 4.0 onward
    -No need of compilation and any special software package.

  • MS Access
    -Easy to use and easy to deployment
    -ADO compatibility especially with ASP scripting.

Online Student Registration System Use Case

Download the project documentation, source code, database and report files.

  Download Type Download File Size in KB No of times download
  1. Project Synopsis 9 88312
  2. Project Report 22 62380
  3. Installation Guide 318 54239
  4. Project Source Code 161 75607

For any query and help regarding this project visit.

Click here to view the online demo of the application.

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