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 Interview questions and Answers for Oracle Database Report Triggers

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Oracle Database Report Triggers
 Interview Questions and Answers

Interview questions and answers for Oracle Database Report Triggers  Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Report Triggers Interview Questions and Answers includes, triggers available in the reports, sequence of execution of the various report triggers, monitor the performance of the report, methods of performing a calculation in a report, group filter, format trigger, setting up of parameters in reports,, views available in the object navigator, possession, data modal editor, confine mode, Flex mode, drill down facility, pl/sql interpreter.

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1. What are the triggers available in the reports?
Before report, Before form, After form , Between page, After report.
2. Does a Before form trigger fire when the parameter form is suppressed.
3. At what point of report execution is the before Report trigger fired?
After the query is executed but before the report is executed and the records are displayed.
4. Is the After report trigger fired if the report execution fails?
5. Give the sequence of execution of the various report triggers?
Before form, after form, before report, between page, after report.
6. Is it possible to modify an external query in a report which contains it?
7. What are the ways to monitor the performance of the report?
Use reports profile executable statement.
Use SQL traces facility.
8. Why is it preferable to create a fewer no. of queries in the data model.
Because for each query, report has to open a separate cursor and has to rebind, execute and fetch data.
9. What are the various methods of performing a calculation in a report ?
1. Perform the calculation in the SQL statements itself.
2. Use a calculated / summary column in the data model.
10. Which of the above methods is the faster method?
  Performing the calculation in the query is faster.
11. Why is a Where clause faster than a group filter or a format trigger?
  Because, in a where clause the condition is applied during data retrieval than after retrieving the data.
12. What is the main diff. bet. Reports 2.0 & Reports 2.5?
  Report 2.5 is object oriented.
13. What is the diff. bet. setting up of parameters in reports 2.0 reports 2.5?
  LOVs can be attached to parameters in the reports 2.5 parameter form.
14. How is link tool operation different bet. reports 2 & 2.5?
  In Reports 2.0 the link tool has to be selected and then two fields to be linked are selected and the link is automatically created. In 2.5 the first field is selected and the link tool is then used to link the first field to the second field.
15. What are the two types views available in the object navigator(specific to report 2.5)?
View by structure and view by type .
16. Which of the two views should objects according to possession?
view by structure.
17. How is possible to restrict the user to a list of values while entering values for parameters?
By setting the Restrict To List property to true in the parameter property sheet.
18. How is it possible to select generate a select ste. for the query in the query property sheet?
By using the tables/columns button and then specifying the table and the column names.
19. If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist betw. report 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied?
  While both reports 2.0 and 2.5 create the parameter, report 2.5 gives a message that a bind parameter has been created.
20. Do user parameters appear in the data modal editor in 2.5?
21. What is the diff. when confine mode is on and when it is off?
When confine mode is on, an object cannot be moved outside its parent in the layout.
22. What is the diff. when Flex mode is mode on and when it is off?
When flex mode is on, reports automatically resizes the parent when the child is resized.
23. How can a button be used in a report to give a drill down facility?
  By setting the action asscoiated with button to Execute pl/sql option and using the SRW.Run_report function.
24. What are the two ways by which data can be generated for a parameter's list of values?
  1. Using static values.
2. Writing select statement.
25. What are the two panes that Appear in the design time pl/sql interpreter?
1.Source pane. 2. Interpreter pane
26. What are three panes that appear in the run time pl/sql interpreter?
1.Source pane. 2. interpreter pane. 3. Navigator pane.

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