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 Interview questions and Answers for Oracle Package Procedure and Function
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Interview Question > Oracle

Oracle Package Procedure and Function
 Interview Questions and Answers

Interview questions and answers for Oracle Package Procedure and Function  Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Package Procedure and Function Interview Questions and Answers includes, Package Procedure Restricted package procedure, Unrestricted package procedure, SYNCHRONIZE procedure, ERASE package procedure, difference between NAME_IN and COPY, How the command POST does differ from COMMIT, DEBUG mode, global variables, SYSTEM VARIABLES

Interview Question, Answer
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1. What is a Package Procedure?
A Package procedure is built in PL/SQL procedure.
2. What are the different types of Package Procedure?
1. Restricted package procedure.
2. Unrestricted package procedure.
3. What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted package procedure?
Restricted package procedure that affects the basic basic functions of SQL * Forms. It cannot use in all triggers except key triggers.
Unrestricted package procedure that does not interfere with the basic functions of SQL * Forms it can be used in any triggers.
4. Classify the restricted and unrestricted procedure from the following.
a. Call
b. User-Exit
c. Call-Query
d. Up
e. Execute-Query
f. Message
g. Exit-From
h. Post
i. Break
a. Call - unrestricted
b. User Exit - Unrestricted
c. Call_query - Unrestricted
d. Up - Restricted
e. Execute Query - Restricted
f. Message - Restricted
g. Exit_form - Restricted
h. Post - Restricted
i. Break - Unrestricted.
5. Can we use a restricted package procedure in ON-VALIDATE-FIELD Trigger?
6. What SYNCHRONIZE procedure does?
It synchoronizes the terminal screen with the internal state of the form.
7. What are the unrestricted procedures used to change the popup screen position during run time?
Resize -View
8. What Enter package procedure does?
Enter Validate-data in the current validation unit.
9. What ERASE package procedure does?
Erase removes an indicated global variable.
10. What is the difference between NAME_IN and COPY?
  Copy is package procedure and writes values into a field.
Name in is a package function and returns the contents of the variable to which you apply.
11. Identify package function from the following?
1. Error-Code
2. Break
3. Call
4. Error-text
5. Form-failure
6. Form-fatal
7. Execute-query
8. Anchor_View
9. Message_code
  1. Error_Code
2. Error_Text
3. Form_Failure
4. Form_Fatal
5. Message_Code
12. How the command POST does differ from COMMIT?
  Post writes data in the form to the database but does not perform database commit
Commit permenently writes data in the form to the database.
13. What the PAUSE package procedure does?
  Pause suspends processing until the operator presses a function key
14. What package procedure is used for calling another form?
  Call (E.g. Call (formname)
15. What package procedure used for invoke sql *plus from sql *forms?
Host (E.g. Host (sqlplus))
16. Error_Code is a package proecdure?
a. True b. false
17. EXIT_FORM is a restricted package procedure?
a. True b. False
18. When the form is running in DEBUG mode, If you want to examine the values of global variables and other form variables, What package procedure command you would use in your trigger text?
19. List the system variables related in Block and Field?
  1. System.block_status
2. System.current_block
3. System.current_field
4. System.current_value
5. System.cursor_block
6. System.cursor_field
7. System.field_status.
20. What is the difference between system.current_field and system.cursor_field?
1. System.current_field gives name of the field.
2. System.cursor_field gives name of the field with block name.
21. The value recorded in system.last_record variable is of type
a. Number
b. Boolean
c. Character.
b. Boolean.
22. What is a User Exits?
A user exit is a subroutine which are written in programming languages using pro*C pro *COBOL, etc., that link into the SQL * forms executable.
23. How can a button be used in a report to give a drill down facility?
  By setting the action asscoiated with button to Execute pl/sql option and using the SRW.Run_report function.
24. What are the two ways by which data can be generated for a parameter's list of values?
  1. Using static values.
2. Writing select statement.
25. What are the two panes that Appear in the design time pl/sql interpreter?
1.Source pane. 2. Interpreter pane
26. What are three panes that appear in the run time pl/sql interpreter?
1.Source pane. 2. interpreter pane. 3. Navigator pane.

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