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 Interview questions and Answers for Oracle D2K Forms 3.0 Basic

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Oracle Forms 3.0 Basic
 Interview Questions and Answers

Interview questions and answers for Oracle Forms 3.0 Basic  Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Forms 3.0 Basic Interview Questions and Answers includes, SQL * FORMS, maximum size of a form, control the constraints, BASE TABLE, join condition, Trigger, types of TRIGGERS, key triggers, difference between a Function Key Trigger and Key Function Trigger, Navigational Trigger, ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGE trigger, keystartup and pre-form

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1. What is an SQL * FORMS?
SQL *forms is 4GL tool for developing and executing; Oracle based interactive application.
2. What is the maximum size of a form?
255 character width and 255 characters Length.
3. Name the two files that are created when you generate the form give the filex extension?
INP (Source File)
FRM (Executable File)
4. How do you control the constraints in forms?
Select the use constraint property is ON Block definition screen.
5. Give the sequence of execution of the various report triggers?
Before form, after form, before report, between page, after report.
6. Committed block sometimes refer to a BASE TABLE? True or False.
7. Can we create two blocks with the same name in form 3.0?
8. While specifying master/detail relationship between two blocks specifying the join condition is a must? True or False.
9. What is a Trigger?
A piece of logic that is executed at or triggered by a SQL *forms event.
10. What are the types of TRIGGERS?
  1. Navigational Triggers.
2. Transaction Triggers.
11. What are the different types of key triggers?
  Function Key
12. What is the difference between a Function Key Trigger and Key Function Trigger?
  Function key triggers are associated with individual SQL*FORMS function keys
You can attach Key function triggers to 10 keys or key sequences that normally do not perform any SQL * FORMS operations. These keys referred as key F0 through key F9.
13. What does an on-clear-block Trigger fire?
  It fires just before SQL * forms the current block.
14. How do you trap the error in forms 3.0?
  Using On-Message or On-Error triggers.
15. State the order in which these triggers are executed?
16. What is the usage of an ON-INSERT,ON-DELETE and ON-UPDATE TRIGGERS?
These triggers are executes when inserting, deleting and updating operations are performed and can be used to change the default function of insert, delete or update respectively.
For Eg, instead of inserting a row in a table an existing row can be updated in the same table.
17. When will ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger executed?
It fires when a value in a field has been changed and the field status is changed or new and the <NEXT-FIELD> key has been pressed. If the field status is valid then any further change to the value in the field will not fire the on-validate-field trigger.
18. A query fetched 10 records How many times does a PRE-QUERY Trigger and POST-QUERY Trigger will get executed ?
PRE-QUERY fires once.
POST-QUERY fires 10 times.
19. What is the difference between ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGE trigger?
  When you changes the Existing value to null, the On-validate field trigger will fire post change trigger will not fire. At the time of execute-query post-chage trigger will fire, on-validate field trigger will not fire.
20. What is the difference between an ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a trigger?
On-validate-field trigger fires, when the field Validation status New or changed.
Post-field-trigger whenever the control leaving form the field, it will fire.
21. What is the difference between a POST-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGE trigger?
Post-field trigger fires whenever the control leaving from the filed.
Post-change trigger fires at the time of execute-query procedure invoked or filed validation status changed.
22. When is PRE-QUERY trigger executed?
When Execute-query or count-query Package procedures are invoked.
23. Give the sequence in which triggers fired during insert operations, when the following 3 triggers are defined at the smae block level?
24. Can we use GO-BLOCK package in a pre-field trigger?
25. Is a Keystartup trigger fires as result of a operator pressing a key explicitly?
26. How can you execute the user defined triggers in forms 3.0?
Execute_Trigger (trigger-name)
27. When does an on-lock trigger fire?
It will fires whenever SQL * Forms would normally attempt to lock a row.
28. What is Post-Block is a
a. Navigational Trigger.
b. Key trigger
c. Transaction Trigger.
29. What is the difference between keystartup and pre-form?
Key-startup triggers fires after successful navigation into a form.
Pre-form trigger fires before enter into the form.
30. What is the difference between keystartup and pre-form?
Key-startup triigger fires after successful navigation into a form.
Pre-form trigger fires before enter into the form.

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