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Free Download Project Proposal, Abstract, Synopsis, Project Ideas for Final Year Student

Project Name : Car Hiring Information System – JSP + J2EE +MySQL + NetBean

Credit :     Get More CS Project Synopsis

Project Description : Web based Vehicle hiring Information system (eVHIS) is developed in JSP + MySQL to give information about vehicle hiring for public. VHIS is mainly focused on the flows of bus/winger/tata magic/tata sumo/others association/organization. VHIS is a useful application for those organization/Association. List of the vehicles are giving up in the proposed system. This system is mainly focus on the vehicles which are running as passenger vehicles, like winger, tata magic, tata sumo etc. Those vehicles have their own association/organization like ABCD Travels. All the vehicles enrolled in the association / organization is controlled by organization/association. They give permits to those vehicles to allow using for passenger service. Sometimes, those vehicles are hiring by public for their private purpose. Vehicle Hiring Information System is useful to public for giving information of availability of vehicles which are enrolled in the Organization/Association.


Project : Car Hiring Information System – JSP + J2EE +MySQL + NetBean

Project Modules : View Vehicle, Order Vehicle, View Booking, Admin Login, Add Vehicle, Update Vehicle, View Customer, View Booking, Update Booking Status, View Reports, About. etc.

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Free Download Final Year Project Proposal, Abstract, Ideas, Synopsis by 

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