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Sushil Kumar Posted: Friday 09, May 2008 11:02:13 AM     
How HR select the candidate from the sortlisted
candidate? They have some parameter on this
or randam they recognize the candidate
somebody guide me...
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 Mariraj Posted: Friday 09, May 2008 11:12:11 AM
HR means Human resource management.HR has the responsibilities 
to take the interview to candidate.

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 Mariraj Posted: Friday 09, May 2008 11:24:48 AM
Hr means 

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 Joydeep Posted: Friday 09, May 2008 11:28:52 AM
HR dept is just good for nothing....they bring out new ideas
but the HR dept itself dosent want to implement.

Few parameters of HR
1) No LEave
2) No Increment
3) No proper Coordination.
4) Only good looking ladies(who has no brain)
5) Thinks themselves HITLER.


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 S. Kavitha Posted: Friday 13, June 2008 08:17:26 AM
Who said the ladies donot have brain? Idiot
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 AJProfessionals Posted: Sunday 15, June 2008 10:04:21 AM
You are right..Kavitha
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