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SAPANA R Posted: Saturday 10, May 2008 08:15:09 AM     
How to sort data in datatable 
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 Joydeep Posted: Saturday 10, May 2008 11:26:12 AM
one option is ASC and DESC
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 AtanuMaity Posted: Sunday 11, May 2008 07:03:40 AM
Datatable to store resultset.
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 Rakesh Choudhary Posted: Friday 23, January 2009 12:41:49 PM
hi Sapana
pass the datatable in dataview object and call the sort 
method on dataview
dataview dv=new dataview(dt)
Rakesh choudhary
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 Coder Posted: Monday 26, January 2009 04:32:17 PM
Hello Rakesh,
Thanks for the answer.

Can you explain how we can copy
one dataset structure to other dataset.

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