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Project No.Welingkar Project Topics for Finance Management
1Asian Clearing Union - its scope and operation - an overview
2Aspects that fall under General Account Monitoring and Operations in Retail Banking
3Challenges Faced By Small & Medium Enterprises in Obtaining Credit
4Contrarian Approach in Stock Market - a Case Study
5Corporate Finance : Capital Structure & Financing Decisions
6Cross Border Export Finance - a Case Study
7Customs Act - Procedures and Practices
8Economic Appraisals-An Overview
9Financial Appraisal And Its Importance in Project Finance
10Funds Flow Statement- An Overview
11Global Stock trading - challenges and opportunities
12Import/Export Guarantees - Types : A Case
13Importance & Aspects of Project Appraisals
14Importance of Operating Leverage
15Instruments of Foreign Trade - an overview
16Investment Class - factors determining choice of products
17Investment Decision Methods - A Case Study
18Non- IPO path of acquiring shares - A Case Study
19Portfolio Management - Markowitz Model : A Case Study
20Private Equity Market-An Overview
21Property investment - risks and opportunities
22Ratio Analysis - leverage in stock movement forecast
23Ratio Analysis- A tool of Financial Statement Analysis
24Retail Banking transformation story in post-liberalized India
25Returns and Risks in Commercial Paper in India - A Case Study
26Reverse inflow of finance in emerging economies
27RTGS - Merits and demerits to the Retail Banker
28Scope of Finance Function has Grown at Accelerated Speed- An Overview
29Senior Citizen Investment Portfolio - a Case Study
30Strategic Fit in Mergers and Acquisitions - an imperative
31Systematic Investment Plan as a stability builder for the retail investor.
32Trade Credit is the Easiest and Most Importanct Source of Short Term Finance- An Overview
33Value Creation through Mergers and Acquistions - A Case Study
34Various Aspects of Technical Appraisal Carried Out by Financial Institutions
35Various Benefits of Preparing A Business Plan
36Various Factors Affecting Cost of Capital
37Various Factors Influencing Dividend Decisions
38Various Key Factors Impacting Employee Performance
39Various Kinds of Taxable Income
40Venture Capital in Developing Countries - Challenges

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