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What is Primary key and Foreign Key?
Joydeep Posted: Friday 09, May 2008 12:09:10 PM     
how primary key and foreign key is integrated....

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 SAPANA R Posted: Saturday 10, May 2008 08:21:14 AM
Primary key is d one which uniquely identifies the row of a per
ticular table.

A foreign key is a field that points to the primary key of anot
her table.


Sapana R
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 Rakesh Choudhary Posted: Friday 23, January 2009 12:13:49 PM
hi Joydeep
Primary key :-
Primary key is unique and not null.
It is a unique key on which all the other candidate keys are fu
nctionally dependent
Foregin key:-
It allows refrencing another table using the primary key for th
e other table.

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