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MBA Retail Management - Project Report
AtanuMaity Posted: Saturday 07, February 2015 08:22:10 PM     
MBA Retail Management Topics

1.Study on Advertisements and sales promotional activities (MBA
2.Competitive advantage in Retail industry (MBA Retail) 
3.Scope of Retailing in India (MBA Retail) 
4.Study on the role of applied retail research in an organizati
on (MBA Retail) 
5.Study on analyzing promotional tactics in retail sector (MBA 


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 AtanuMaity Posted: Saturday 07, February 2015 08:25:31 PM
Check MBA Retail Management - Project Report
and Abstract at our FaceBook  page

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 AtanuMaity Posted: Sunday 22, March 2015 05:20:43 AM
Check topic

1. Study on Advertisements and sales promotional activities (MBA Retail)
2. Competitive advantage in Retail industry (MBA Retail)
3. Scope of Retailing in India (MBA Retail)
4. Study on the role of applied retail research in an organization (MBA Retail)
5. Study on analyzing promotional tactics in retail sector (MBA Retail)

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