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Need help in Steganography
tcp41 Posted: Thursday 24, January 2013 02:18:47 AM     
As I've tried project in http://www.programmer2programmer.net/l
ive_projects/project_7/steganography.aspx, I'm having a hard ti
me trying to understand what those codes do. For instance, what
 is layer function?

  rb[layer] = t[0];
  gb[layer] = t[1];
  bb[layer] = t[2];

does it mean, it's possible to change bit that not an LSB?
or, why it used ((height * (width/3)*3)/3)?
isn't it the same as (height * (width/3)?

can anyone explain to me?

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 AJProfessionals Posted: Wednesday 27, March 2013 04:23:47 PM
plz mail at am@programmer2programmer.net for this
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