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What is CLR?
SAPANA R Posted: Saturday 10, May 2008 08:13:08 AM     
What is CLR 
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 Mariraj Posted: Saturday 10, May 2008 09:16:46 AM
CLR is common language runtime.It is used to avoid seperate run
time.u can run any languages by using CLR.like vb,c#,c++
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 AtanuMaity Posted: Monday 12, May 2008 06:40:47 AM
CLR is Common Language Runtime, it is the run time
engine for the .net application. It convert the IL code
to native binary code for execution.

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 prabha Posted: Sunday 18, May 2008 10:07:26 AM
CLR(Common Language Runtime) 
  -is a component of .Net framework
  -provide an environment to compile and execute .net programs

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 Rakesh Choudhary Posted: Friday 23, January 2009 12:24:21 PM
Hi Sapana
CLR(Comman Language Runtime)
Following are a few of the popular .NET-compliant languages sup
ported by CLR:
Fortran ,askell,JScript,Mercury
Oberon Pascal Perl,Python
Smalltalk,Visual Basic,Visual C#,Visual C++
Rakesh Choudhary
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