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eClaim Database
tammu Posted: Thursday 12, November 2009 05:51:50 PM     
Hello all,
where can i find the eClaim database for Web Based Claims Proce
ssing System. Its not included in the source files.

Thanks appreciate it
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 rutu123 Posted: Friday 13, November 2009 04:59:25 AM
I am also searching for that please upload the backup file for 
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 AtanuMaity Posted: Friday 13, November 2009 04:05:35 PM
Please mail to 


for any query regarding WCPS project.


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 sharanya Posted: Friday 01, January 2010 12:20:46 PM
Hi Please upload the eclaim database or mail it to 

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 Deepthy Posted: Tuesday 23, February 2010 05:12:54 PM
please mail the database of eclaim to deepthyml@gmail.com pleas
e yaar

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 Manoj Tomar Posted: Monday 31, January 2011 10:55:08 AM
COuld you please manage to get the database file for this softw
are?? If you already got, please forward to me also on my maili
d manojtomar@rediffmail.com

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 shoumya Posted: Monday 04, April 2011 07:39:10 PM
if u get the database of WCPS plz send me also...

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 sbglobal Posted: Wednesday 15, June 2011 02:41:45 PM
hello all !

I am  also  looking database  for this  project ! 

Please send  me at  rajsingla147@gmail.com or tell me  from whe
re i  got database !

Thanks in advance !
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 Snehi sharma Posted: Sunday 04, September 2011 05:38:55 AM
hello i also wants that database of eClaim software....please h
elp me urgently.......
if u got the database....please send it to sharmasini18@gmail.c
please      frnds...........please
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 indra768692 Posted: Tuesday 21, February 2012 02:20:33 PM
Hi,If you have database file means please send me to my id indr
a.g197@gmail.com please send me
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 surandran Posted: Tuesday 15, May 2012 06:25:49 PM
can i get the Eclaim database surandran@gmail.com
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 Niroshkumar.S Posted: Thursday 13, September 2012 11:08:48 AM
hi friend if u have database backup for wcps means pls send to 
my id kumarnirosh1890@gmail.com
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 Reyaz Posted: Monday 03, February 2014 08:24:41 PM
hi friend if u have database backup for eclaims pls send to 
my id irshadreyazur@gmail.com
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 Mahalakshmi Posted: Wednesday 19, March 2014 07:32:34 AM
I'm also trying for that, if you have please forward to me. My 
Email Id:madhumaha4@gmail.com
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 Riya Walia Posted: Tuesday 20, May 2014 11:01:31 AM
how i can get the complete project ?
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