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Download Encryption, Decryption VB .NET, C# Source Code

Free download of Encryption, Secret Key finder, MSIL Reverse Engineering, VB.Net and C# Cryptography source code

In this section you can find the free source code for Encryption, Decryption written in Visual Basic 6 and VB .Net. Download this source code and use as you want. It is totally free to use encryption and decryption source code.

I am not claiming any copyright for this encrypt, decrypt visual basic, vb .net and C# source code. You can use whole or part of this source code of encryption, decryption project, compiled executable, portable assembly as you want. I will not take any responsibility caused by used of any encryption decryption logics, program, source code described in my site. All source code are tested, however it is totally your responsibility to make sure the use of any encryption, decryption logics, source code, project and executable of this site.

While using this free source code, encryption and decryption logics, handling chipper text or cracking secret code make sure that you take proper back up of original content. Source code includes.

  1. XOR Text & Database Encrypter
    MS Access Database and Text file encryption and decryption based on XOR Encryption. Download This XOR encryption, decryption program source code written in Visual Basic 6 programming language is capable of encrypt and decrypt text file and MS Access database.

  2. XOR key finder
    Find the XOR key. Download source code of XOR Key find utility written in VB.NET. It is a rank based key finder, can easily find XOR key.

  3. Secure File
    Protect any file by encrypting with password. Download source code of P2P Secure File written in VB.NET. It encrypt the file and saved as secure XML with binary format, and stored file password as custom PK encrypter routine.

  4. Transposition Encryption
    Transposition or Geometry Pattern Encryption utility. Download source code of transposition encryption written in VB.NET. This matrix base encryption decryption technique can be used for very long text, its also support XOR the resulting text.

  5. PK Encrypter
    Random Initialize vector for creating private key encryption. Download this VB.NET source code for custom routine of Symmetric key encryption and how to use random seed of initialize vector (IV).

  6. Visual Basic .Net and C# cryptography
    Download this VB.NET and C# sample source code, describe how to use .NET Framework cryptography class and perform various type of encryption like Hashing, Symmetric, Asymmetric encryption. Details explanation how to use Sytem.Security.Cryptography namespace.

  7. MSIL Reverse Engineering
    Analysis of IL code to find encryption, decryption key and logics by reverse engineering of .NET assembly. Details explanation how to read .NET assembly.

  8. .NET Obfuscator
    Protect your .NET assembly from hacker, cracker against decompiling . Use of code hashing or obfuscation technique describe by Dotfuscator

Home > Tips > Encryption and Decryption > Download Source Code