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Computer Networks

This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question and answers for Computer Networks . It will help to prepare your examination. All question paper are classified as per semester, subject code and question type of Part A, Part B and Part C with multiple choice options as same as actual examination. SMU question papers includes year 2024, 2023, 2022 Sem I, II, III, IV, V, VI examinations of all subjects.

SMU question test set of old, last and previous year are updated regularly and it is absolutely free to use. Question paper includes Visual basic 6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Web, Oracle, Database, SQL, Software Engineering, C, C++, OOPS, MBA, MCA, BSC IT I have requested you kindly send me the question paper of Computer Networks , SMU - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Course Name        BSc IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)

Subject Code       BT0072 (Computer Networks )

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Subject : Computer Networks

     BT0072 : PART - C    

Q. 1Identify the functionalities of the various
layers in the OSI reference model
Set A
1. Data Link Layer
2. Network Layer
3. Transport Layer
4. Application layer
Set B
a. Error handling during transmission
b. Retransmitti
 A)1- b, 2 - d, 3 - a, 4 - c
 B)1- b, 2 - a, 3 - c, 4 - d
 C)1- a, 2 - d, 3 - b, 4 - c
 D)1- b, 2 - c, 3 - a, 4 - d
Q. 2Given the distance of the obstacle from
the transmitter, d, = 20 km. And the third FZ
clearance = 40 meters. Find the distance of the
obstacle from the receiver. Given the frequency
of transmission is 4GHz
 A)14.789 km
 B)11.034 km
 C)15.244 km
 D)31.64 km
Q. 3Match set A with set B
a) Altitude and orbit control system
b) Telemetry, Tracking and command
c) Communication subsystem
d) Antenna subsystem
1) Controls the antenna pointing and
communication system configurat
 A)a)-2), b)-1), c)-4), d) 3)
 B)a)-1), b)-3), c)-2), d) 4)
 C)a)-3), b)-2), c)-4), d) 1)
 D)a)-2), b)-4), c)-1), 3)
Q. 4 ___ points are not true for fiber optic
a) Can be used over distance up to 2
b) cheap and invaluable for situations, where
large amount of interference is present.
c) Fiber optic cable are made of glass fiber
 A)a, b, c, d, e
 B)b, d, e
 C)a, c, d
 D)None of the above
Q. 5How many bits are required to achieve a
signal to quantization noise ratio of at least 40
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Home > Download > SMU - Question Paper > BSc IT > BT0072