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Fundamentals of IT

This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question and answers for Fundamentals of IT . It will help to prepare your examination. All question paper are classified as per semester, subject code and question type of Part A, Part B and Part C with multiple choice options as same as actual examination. SMU question papers includes year 2024, 2023, 2022 Sem I, II, III, IV, V, VI examinations of all subjects.

SMU question test set of old, last and previous year are updated regularly and it is absolutely free to use. Question paper includes Visual basic 6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Web, Oracle, Database, SQL, Software Engineering, C, C++, OOPS, MBA, MCA, BSC IT I have requested you kindly send me the question paper of Fundamentals of IT , SMU - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Course Name        BSc IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)

Subject Code       BT0062 (Fundamentals of IT )

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Subject : Fundamentals of IT

     BT0062 : PART - B    

Q. 1There are two vital types of RAM
Q. 2State True or False
a. A default configuration of Windows XP has
only one desktop icon, Recycle Bin
b. By default, the taskbar doesn’t include the
Quick Launch toolbar or any other toolbar
 D) a-T,b-F
Q. 3Virtual directories:
1. enhance security by hiding the actual
location of content from users
2. simplify access to content
3. are easier to relocate
4. facilitate the distribution of effort
 A)1, 2, 3
 B)1, 3, 4
 C) 2, 3, 4
 D)1, 2, 3, 4
Q. 4State the True points to be remembered
while using Excel formula
1) A formula must always begin with an equal
to (=) sign
2) It may can also begin with a ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign
3) The length of the formula can be upto 225
 A)Only 2 and 3
 B)Only 1 and 2
 C)1, 2,3
Q. 5State whether the following statement
are true or false (T/F) with reference to style
available in MS-Word
1. It is a collection of character formatting
and paragraph formatting setting that are
stored under a name
2. It reduces th
 A)1-T, 2-T, 3-T, 4-F
 B)1-T, 2-F, 3-T, 4-F
 C)1-T, 2-T, 3-T, 4-T
 D)1-T, 2-T, 3-F, 4-T
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Home > Download > SMU - Question Paper > BSc IT > BT0062