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Download SCDL Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Projects for MBA - PGDITM

Download Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning, SCDL projects for PGDITM, PGDBA, PGDBA HR, PGDBA Finance, PGDBA Marketing, PGDBA CRM, PGDBA Operations, PGDBA Accounting. Download or order this synopsis, project report and PPT from redaymadeproject.com

Free MBA Project Topics, Ideas. Download MBA, PGDITM, PGDBA Project Proposal, Abstract, Synopsis, Project Report for Final Year MBA Student. HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, CRM Others. Latest SCDL PGDBA Project Topics for Final Year MBA, PGDIT Student.

Latest PGDITM, PGDBA, PGDBA HR, PGDBA Finance, PGDBA Marketing, PGDBA CRM, PGDBA Operations, PGDBA Accounting project list. Get Latest Project topic, Project Ideas, Propsal, Synopsis, Report and PPT


  1. Payroll for a Company
  2. Purchase Module for a Company via Internet
  3. Planning and Designing of ERP Systems
  4. Process Maps for an IT Company
  5. Business Model/Flow for a website purchase company
  6. ERP Implementation in an SME
  7. Project on Information Security Management System
  8. Security Testing for a website
  9. Process Optimization techniques in Software Engineering
  10. Comparative study of Business Intelligence Tools catering to Small and Medium Industries
  11. Business-driven Software Development
  12. Agile software development - the process
  13. Business Research on Cloud for Small scaled IT Companies
  14. Data Mining techniques used in Organizations
  15. E-Commerce Security
  16. Study of HR Management system in an Organization
  17. Data Privacy Framework
  18. Project Governance Process Analysis
  19. EasyShiksha.Com & HawksCool ERP
  20. Implementation of ISMS using ISO27K
  21. Design and Development of Training Information System
  22. A study on the effectiveness of the existing Payroll System and developing a comprehensive new payroll system
  23. Design and development of student information system in ABCD engineering college
  24. To develop a web based application for customer support and analyse the customer stratification
  25. Design and development of secure online survey system - SOSIS
  26. Design and development of Library Management System
  27. Design and development of Web Based Airline Reservation System
  28. Design a system for Project Management Office – PMO
  29. Customer Reporting and Service Tools
  30. Development of Knowledge Base Management – KBM System for Organization
  31. Design of eLearing System for college student
  32. Development of HRM system
  33. To develop job search engine for candidate and employer
  34. Design and development of online shopping portal in
  35. Design and development of Railway Reservation System
  36. Design a secure online banking transaction system
  37. Multiplayer chess game server

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