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Download SCDL Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Projects for MBA - PGDBA - Operations

Download Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning, SCDL projects for PGDITM, PGDBA, PGDBA HR, PGDBA Finance, PGDBA Marketing, PGDBA CRM, PGDBA Operations, PGDBA Accounting. Download or order this synopsis, project report and PPT from redaymadeproject.com

Free MBA Project Topics, Ideas. Download MBA, PGDITM, PGDBA Project Proposal, Abstract, Synopsis, Project Report for Final Year MBA Student. HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, CRM Others. Latest SCDL PGDBA Project Topics for Final Year MBA, PGDIT Student.

Latest PGDITM, PGDBA, PGDBA HR, PGDBA Finance, PGDBA Marketing, PGDBA CRM, PGDBA Operations, PGDBA Accounting project list. Get Latest Project topic, Project Ideas, Propsal, Synopsis, Report and PPT

SCDL Project : MBA - PGDBA - Operations

  1. Study on Supply Chain Management
  2. Study on Material Management
  3. Study on Inventory Management
  4. Study on Just in Time and its implementation
  5. Study on Six Sigma and its implementation
  6. Study on Lean Manufacturing and its implementation
  7. Study on Logistics and Distribution Management
  8. Study on Transportation Management
  9. Study on Maintenance Management
  10. Study on Operations Management
  11. Study on Productivity and Efficiency Management
  12. Study on Quality Management and its practices
  13. Study on Work Study and Method Study and its implementation
  14. Study on Production Planning and Control and its implementation
  15. Study on Project Management in Manufacturing/Operations
  16. Study on Waste Management and its practices
  17. Study and Implementation of 5-S
  18. Study on Total Quality Management and its implementation
  19. Study on Kaizen and its implementation
  20. Study on Total Productive Maintenance and its implementation
  21. Study on Technology Management in Operations
  22. Study on Operation Strategy and its implementation
  23. Design and Development of Production Monitoring System
  24. Development of Order Processing System
  25. A study on inventory management system in company
  26. A study on implementation of TQM in an origination
  27. Study on Just In Time Production
  28. Study on Project Scheduling
  29. Study on Manufacturing strategy
  30. Study on Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  31. Six Sigma in a selected company
  32. Project Financing - procedures and practices : an overview
  33. CRM Planning and Implementation - Procedures and Practices - An Overview
  34. Study on Six Sigma Methodologies - An Overview
  35. Quality Management Philosophies – Origins and Aspects: An Overview
  36. Study on Just In Time Logistics
  37. Process Improvement Techniques - an Overview
  38. Market entry strategies and programs for 5centsCDN Inc
  39. Implementation of 5s practices in Company
  40. Risks in construction project and risk mitigation measures-an overview
  41. Tools in Six Sigma - an overview
  42. Ethical Issues in Operations Management – A Study
  43. Effective Implementation of Project Management techniques in controlling schedule outbound project
  44. Process steps in six sigma - an overview
  45. Just in Time (JIT) merits, opportunities and challenges : A Case study
  46. Applying Six Sigma in ABC Infotech Ltd, Mumbai. for Process Improvement
  47. Inventory management and control
  48. Material Handling and material storage system
  49. Six sigma in an IT company - Case Study
  50. Inventory Analysis Techniques- An Overview
  51. Understanding six sigma: an overview
  52. Just in Time and TQM - Synergistic Processes : an overview

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