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Welingkar PGDM, MBA Project Idea, MBA Project Topics, MBA Project Report, Project Video (ISR), MBA Project Presentaion, PPT as per Guideline in Operations Management

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Project No.Welingkar Project Topics for Operations Management
1A Case Study on Operations Management of a Factory
2An Overview of Outsourced Manufacturing
3Appraising a Project - before, during and after : an overview
4Benchmarking steps : A Case Study
5Building Manufacturing Competitiveness - opportunities and challenges : A Case Study
6Concept of Projects and Classification - an overview
7Crashing CPM Networks - an overview
8Crtitical factors in Production, Planning and Control - an overview
9Customer-centric vs. Product-centric approach : Case Study from banking industry
10EBQ vs. ERL Scheduling - a comparison
11Elements of a Good Factory Building
12Evolving Role of Global Sourcing Manager-An Overview
13Impact of Different Production System on Plant Layout Design
14Impact of Packaging on Retailers & Consumers
15Inventory Management & Control
16Just in Time and TQM - synergistic processes : an overview
17Line of Balance- A Scheduling Technique in Production Unit
18Manufacturing Resource Planning - challenges and critical factors -an overview
19Material Handling & Material Storage Systems
20Need for Global Procurement
21Performance Excellence Criteria - A Case Study
22Plant Layout Design Process
23Process Steps to Six Sigma - an overview
24Profitability Analysis of a Project - critical factors
25Project Formulation - stages, chllenges, opportunities : a Case Study
26Quality Management Pholosophies - origins and aspects : an overview
27Six Sigma in an IT company - Case Study
28TA Case Study on Development of a Strategic Procurement Process
29Tools in Six Sigma - an overview
30Toyota Production System (TPS) -global application : A Case Study
31Various Factors that Influence Plant Layouts
32Various Issues and Challenges in Managing Procurement in Global Logistics
33Various Methods in Forecasting
34Various Risks Involved in Global Sourcing
35Various Stages in New Product Development

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