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MBA Project Viva Question and Answers

Get Final Year Project Viva Question and Answers for MBA, BBA, PGDM, PGDIT,

Q1. What is your project? Explain your project in 50 words.
Q2. What are the objective of the project?
Q3. Explain research Methodology of your project?
Q4. What is the sample size of your project?
Q5. What is the sample universal of your project?
Q6. What is the limitation of your project?
Q7. What is the future scope of your project?
Q8. What you concluded in your project?
Q9. What is your recommendation with respect to the objective of your project?
Q10 Have u prepared any questionnaire or not?if your project conclusion is deduced from the questionnaire or not.
Q11. Tell me what you learned from your project?
Q12. Why did you choose this project?
Q13.Were the objectives addressed?
Q14. How did you go about doing?
Q15. Tell me another way of doing.

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Home >MBA Project > MBA Project Viva