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Welingkar PGDM, MBA Project Idea, MBA Project Topics, MBA Project Report, Project Video (ISR), MBA Project Presentaion, PPT as per Guideline in Human Resource Management

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Project No.Welingkar Project Topics for Human Resource Management
1Balanced Scorecard as a Performance Appraisal tool - an overview
2Behavioral Aspects of Administration - some realities and solutions
3Calculation of Wage - payments, methods ; brief overview
4Case Study on Employee Motivation in an Organisation
5Collective Bargaining in global India : a study
6Competency Mapping - a multi purpose tool in HR : A case Study
7Contemperory trends in Recruitment - a global view
8Critical factors in designing a Training Programme - a Case Study
9Formulation of Wage policy - factors to be considered : overview
10Future trends in Recruitment - Indian and overseas
11Global shift in Labor Relations - an overview
12High Performance Teams - what makes them tick : an overview
13Housekeeping as a quality and administrative measure - an overview
14HRIS -concept, role and challenges : Case Study
15HRIS effectiveness - Case Study of an Indian company
16HRIS implementation - challenges and solutions : an overview
17HRIS Initiatives - Case Study of an Indian company
18HRM activities using IT-enabled systems : Case Study
19Impact of Globalization on Human Resources - an overview
20Indian Labor Market - Industrial and Intellectual Capital based : Case Study
21Industrial Relations issues - a snapshot
22Liaison and Public Relations - protocol issues : Case Study
23Managing Cross-Cultural Teams is a Challenge- An Overview
24Mapping the dimesnions of Performance - a Case Study
25PCN, HCN, TCN - how they create an HR mix in a global organization : an overview
26Pre-, concurrent and post- activities with HRIS implementation - Case Study
27Recruitment & Selection Process Practiced by a Multinational Organisation- A Case Study
28Role of Absenteeism in Labor Turnover - a broad review
29Sensitivity Training as a behavioral tool for Management Development - review
30Strategic Rewards Systems - an overview
31Technology as a leverage in Recruitment - an overview
32Trainer Skills - various facets to be effective - a broad study
33Training Need Analysis - process steps : an overview
34TVarious Factors that Affect Expatriate Job Preformance- An Overview
35Wages - historical overview

Get Latest Welingkar Projects as per guideline call +91-9920329254

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