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Voice Over IP

This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question and answers for Voice Over IP. It will help to prepare your examination. All question paper are classified as per semester, subject code and question type of Part A, Part B and Part C with multiple choice options as same as actual examination. SMU question papers includes year 2022, 2021, 2020 Sem I, II, III, IV, V, VI examinations of all subjects.

SMU question test set of old, last and previous year are updated regularly and it is absolutely free to use. Question paper includes Visual basic 6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Web, Oracle, Database, SQL, Software Engineering, C, C++, OOPS, MBA, MCA, BSC IT I have requested you kindly send me the question paper of Voice Over IP, SMU - Master of Science in Information Technology.

Course Name        MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology)

Subject Code       MT0049 (Voice Over IP)

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Voice Over IP Syllabus.

Unit 1: PSTN and VoIP
Introduction to PSTN, Understanding PSTN Basics, PSTN Services and Applications,1Drivers behind the Convergence between Voice and data Networking, Packet Telephony Network Drivers, New PSTN Network Infrastructure Model

Unit 2: Enterprise Telephony
Similarities between PSTN and ET, Difference between PSTN and ET, Common ET Designs

Unit 3: Basic Telephony Signaling
Signaling Overview, E & M Signaling, Channel-associated Signaling System (CAS), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Q Signaling, Digital Private Signaling System (DPNSS)

Unit 4: Signaling System-7
SS7 Network Architecture, SS7 Protocol Overview, SS7 Examples, List of SS7 Specifications

Unit 5: PSTN Services
Plain old Telephone Services, Integrated Services Digital Network, Business Services, Service Provider Services

Unit 6: VoIP Benefits and Applications
Key benefits of VoIP, Packet Telephony Call Centres, Service Provider Calling Cards, and Value added Services

Unit 7: Basics of Internet Protocol
OSI Reference Model, Internet Protocol, data Link Layer Addresses, IP Addressing, Routing Protocols, EIGRP, IP Transport Mechanisms

Unit 8: Analysis of VoIP
Delay/ Latency, Jitter, Pulse Code Modulation, Voice Compression, Echo, Packet Loss, Voice Activity Detection, Digital-to-Analog Conversion, Tandem Encoding, Transport Protocols, Dial-Plan Design, End Office Switch Call flow Versus IP Phone Call

Home > Download > SMU - Question Paper > MSc IT > MT0049