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Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++

This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question and answers for Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++. It will help to prepare your examination. All question paper are classified as per semester, subject code and question type of Part A, Part B and Part C with multiple choice options as same as actual examination. SMU question papers includes year 2022, 2021, 2020 Sem I, II, III, IV, V, VI examinations of all subjects.

SMU question test set of old, last and previous year are updated regularly and it is absolutely free to use. Question paper includes Visual basic 6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Web, Oracle, Database, SQL, Software Engineering, C, C++, OOPS, MBA, MCA, BSC IT I have requested you kindly send me the question paper of Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++, SMU - Master of Computer Application.

Course Name        MCA (Master of Computer Application)

Subject Code       MC0074 (Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++)

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Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++ Syllabus.

Part 1: Probability
Introduction; Features of random experiment; Definition of some basic terms; Conditional probability; Baye‘s theorem.

Part 2: Random Variables
Introduction; One-dimensional random variable; Discrete and continuous random variable; Mathematical expectation and variance; Two-dimensional random variable; Marginal and conditional probability distribution; Correlation coefficient; Covariance.

Part 3 : Distribution
Introduction; Bernoulli trials; Poisson distribution; Normal distribution; Uniform distribution; Exponential distribution; Gamma distribution; Chi-square distribution.

Part 4: MGF, Sampling theory and estimation
Introduction; Moment generating function; Functions of random variable; Sampling theory; Point estimation.

Part 5: Statistics
Introduction; Graphical representation; Measures of central tendency; Moments; Skewness; Kurtosis; Curve fitting; Regression.

Part 6: Stochastic process, Marcov-chains
Introduction; Stochastic process; Classification of stochastic process; Bernoulli Poisson process; Markov chains.

Part 7: Errors in Numerical Calculations
Introduction; Accuracy and Significant digit; Rounding off numbers to significant digits; Errors and their computation; Absolute, relative and percentage errors.

Part 8: Matrices and Linear System of Equations
Introduction; Different type of matrices; Operations on matrices; Determinant of matrices; Rank of a matrix; Solution to a system of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen vectors.

Part 9: Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations
Introduction; Bisection method; Method of false position; Iteration method; Newton-Raphson method; Generalized Newton method.

Part 10: Interpolation
Introduction; Finite differences; Newton‘s forward and backward difference interpolation formulae; Lagrange‘s interpolation formula; Divided differences.

Part 11: Numerical Differentiation and Integration
Introduction; Numerical differentiation; Derivatives using Newton‘s forward and backward difference interpolation formulae; Numerical integration.

Part 12: Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation
Introduction; Initial value problem; Taylor‘s series method; Euler‘s method; Modified Euler‘s method; Runge-Kutta method of second and fourth order.

Part 13: Introduction to Mathematical Software used for Numerical Analysis
Introduction to MATLAB: Key Features of MATLAB, History of MATLAB, Syntax of MATLAB, Variables, Vectors/Matrices, Semicolon, Graphics, Limitations, Lab Exercise, Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).

Home > Download > SMU - Question Paper > MCA > MC0074