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Free download of Sikkim Manipal University, SMU previous year, last year, sample question paper for  : [Computer Organization & Architecture] BC0040. Find question and answer for Part-A 2 marks, Part-B 4 Marks and Part-C 8 marks. Free download of question paper of previous year test.   Computer Organization & Architecture , BC0040 question paper includes multiple choice options and answer also.

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   Computer Organization & Architecture

This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question paper for BCA - Computer Organization & Architecture. It will help you to prepare your examination. All questions are classified as per question type like PART - A of 2 marks, PART - B of 4 marks and PART - C of 8 marks same as actual examination. SMU question paper set which includes year 2018, 2017, 2016 SMU question papers of Computer Organization & Architecture are updated regularly and it is absolutely free to use. SMU Question paper includes multiple choice question and answer as same as real and original examination. It will help you to study and prepare for your final SMU examination.

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Course Name
        BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Subject Code      
BC0040 (Computer Organization & Architecture)

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Computer Organization & Architecture Syllabus.

Unit 1 Basic Structure of a Digital Computer
Introduction , Structure of a computer system , Central processing Unit , Memory Unit , Input/Output , System interconnection , Arithmetic Logic Unit ,Control Unit , Bus Structure , Von Neumann Architecture

Unit 2 CPU and Register Organization
Register Organization , User-visible Registers , Control and Status Registers , Program Status Word (PSW) , CPU Organization , Study of CPU organization in 8085 microprocessor , Example of Register Organization in different machine , The Zilog Z8000 machine , Intel 8086 machine , Motorola 68000 machine , Instruction cycle , Basic instruction cycle , Basic instruction state diagram

Unit 3 Interconnection Structures
Types of exchange of information , Modules of System , Different types of transfers , Types of Buses , Elements of Bus Design , Bus Types , Method of arbitration , Bus Timing , Bus width , Bus Structure , Single Bus System , Two Bus Organization , The Bus Standard

Unit 4 Instruction sets: Addressing Methods and formats
Introduction , instruction Characteristics Instruction representation , Instruction types , Number of addresses , Instruction Set Design , Types of Operands , Data types , IBM 370 Data types , VAX Data types , Types of Operations , Data transfer , Arithmetic , Logical , Conversion , I/O, system control , Transfer of control , System Control, Addressing Modes , Direct addressing mode , Immediate addressing mode , Indirect addressing mode , Register addressing mode , Register Indirect addressing mode , Displacement addressing mode , Relative addressing mode, Base address addressing , Indexing , Stack addressing , Other additional addressing , Instruction formats , Instruction Length , Allocation of bits , Variable length instruction , Stacks & Subroutines , Stacks ,Subroutines

Unit 5 ALU and Binary Arithmetic
Introduction, Arithmetic Logic Unit, Number Representations, Binary Arithmetic, Floating point Number, Real Numbers

Unit 6 Memory Unit
Introduction, Characteristics of Memory Systems, Main Memory , Types of Random- Access Semiconductor Memory , Organization , Static and dynamic memories ,Memory system considerations ,Design of memory subsystem using Static Memory Chips , Design of memory subsystem using Dynamic Memory Chips ,Memory interleaving , Cache Memory , Principles of cache memory , Structure of cache memory, Performance using cache memory , Elements of Cache Design , Mapping functions , Replacement algorithms , External Memory , Magnetic Disk , RAID , Virtual memory , Memory Management in Operating Systems

Unit 7 Input/Output
Introduction , External Devices , Classification of external devices , Input/Output problems , Input/Output Module , I/O Module Function , I/O Module Decisions , Input Output Techniques , Programmed I/O , I/O commands , I/O instructions , Interrupt Driven I/O , Basic concepts of an Interrupt , Response of CPU to an Interrupt , Design Issues , Priorities , Interrupt handling , Types of Interrupts , Direct Memory Access , DMA Function and Operation , DMA Configurations , DMA Controller , DMA Transfer Types , DMA Transfer modes , DMA Controller Operation , Advantages , Synchronization Requirements for DMA and Interrupts , Synchronization with Interrupts , Synchronization with DMA

Unit 8 Control Unit
Fundamental concepts , Micro operations , Micro operations of Fetch cycle , Indirect Cycle , The execute cycle , The Instruction cycle , Control of the CPU , Functional Requirements , Control Signals , Data paths and control signals , Data Path Inside A CPU , Single bus structure , Two bus structure , Three bus structure , Execution of a complete instruction , Branching , Sequencing Of Control Signals , Hardwired Control Unit , Micro-Programmed Control

Unit 9 Parallel Model of Computers and Pipelining
Introduction , Parallel/Vector Computers , Parallelism and pipelining , Classification based on data streams and instructions , Parallel/Vector Computers , Development Layers , New
Challenges , Pipelining , Principles of Linear Pipelining , Pipeline structure of CPU , Timings of pipelining, Effect of pipelining , Basic Performance Issues in Pipelining , The
Major Hurdle of Pipelining , Structural Hazards , Data Hazards , Control Hazards

Unit 10 Advanced Processor Technology
Introduction , Instruction set Architecture , RISC and CISC , Characteristics of CISC ,
Characteristics of RISC , RISC versus CISC , Instruction set complexity- RISC versus CISC , Vector processing requirements , Characteristics of vector processing , Multiple vector task dispatching , Super scalar processors , The emergence and spread of super scalar processors , Specific task of Super scalar processing , Super Scalar instruction issue , The design space , Issue policies , Instruction issue policies of scalar processors , Instruction issue policies of superscalar processors

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