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SMU Project : MBA - Hospital/Healthcare

  1. A Study on the Wellness Practices in a Target Group w .r .t. MNC’s Employees, School Children and Older Adults
  2. A Study on the Identification of Causes of Delays in In-patient Discharges with a view to Avoid Delays and Increase Patient Satisfaction
  3. A Comparative Study on Patient Satisfaction in Executive Suites, VIP Suites, Out-patient Department, General Ward, & Laboratory Services
  4. A Study on Patient Satisfaction in any one department in a Multi- specialty Hospital. w .r .t. Health Screening Dept., In-house Pharmacy, Outpatient Services & Billing
  5. A Study on the Identification of Causes of Delays in Patient Transfer in XYZ Hospital (Internal/External) with an intent to Decrease Waiting Time and Increase Patient Satisfaction
  6. A Comparative Study on Waiting Time in Various Hospital Departments of XYZ Hospital with a view to Decrease Waiting Time (Outpatient Dept., Billing, etc.)
  7. A Study on Job Satisfaction of Nurses/Paramedic Staff in ICU/Operation Theatre/Wards, etc., with an intent to Improve Job Satisfaction
  8. A Study of Sickness Absenteeism Among Various Groups of Hospital Employees (Nurses, Housekeeping Staff, Ward Boys, CSSD employees, Doctors, etc.). (A comparative study of the same may also be done)
  9. A Study on Work Safety for Employees in the Radiology Department/ Waste Disposal Department/Lab/Housekeeping, etc., and with a view to Improve Work Safety. (A comparative study may also be undertaken between the departments)
  10. A Study on Waste Disposal Management in XYZ Hospital with an intent to Ensure Safe Disposal
  11. A Study on Hospital Acquired Infections and Prevention in Rural/Urban/MNC Hospitals
  12. A Study on the Efficiency of CSSD (or any other department of a multi- specialty hospital)
  13. A Cost Analysis Study in General Ward (or any other department) of a Hospital to Develop User Charges
  14. A Comparative Study on Cost Analysis of the Various Departments in XYZ Hospital with a view of Cost-cutting
  15. A Study on Formulation of Marketing Strategies to Promote a Healthcare Service (e.g., ‘Women Wellness Check-up’ Promotions)
  16. A Study on Involvement of Doctors/Nurses/Paramedics in Rural Healthcare of UP/Tamilnadu/Bihar with an intent to Improve Involvement
  17. A Study on Medical Representative’s Triumphs and Trials with an intent to Improve Liaison of Medical Reps and Doctors
  18. A Comparative Study of In-house Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy in region of Karnataka/Bihar/UP.
  19. A Study on the Identification of the Causes of Delays in Cashless Hospitalisation with an intent to Reduce Time Lags
  20. Study on medical tourism and growth of health care sector
  21. Study on Clinical Practice Improvement in hospitals
  22. Study on Safety and Quality of Health Care System in India
  23. Study on Health and Aged Care Policy in hospitals
  24. Detailed Study on Health Economics in India
  25. Incidence, Prevalence and Mortality in various diseases
  26. A study on work safety for employees in the radiology department in Diagnostics center
  27. A project on health problems and services
  28. A study on the wellness practices of MNC employees and recommendations on wellness practices
  29. Study on infection control management in selected hospital
  30. Different type of Health Insurance coverage
  31. A analytical study on patients satisfaction and medical facilities provided by multispecialty hospital
  32. A study of infection control practices in dental department of a hospital

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