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 Free Visual Basic source code download of Text and Database Encrypter, Encryption Decryption Source Code

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Text and Database Encrypter

XOR Based text and Database Encryption and Decryption utility program written in Visual Basic. Click here to Download the source code.


Encrypt the text file and MS Access Database by using XOR Encryption technique. It Find each character from supplied text and XOR each character with supplied Encryption Key. More details use read me file in source code folder after download.

This XOR encryption, decryption program source code written in Visual Basic 6 programming language is capable of encrypt and decrypt text file and MS Access database. This is a utility program, you can easily integrated it with your main application.

1. Encryption / Decryption


2. XOR Encryption

3. Transposition Encryption
4. Symmetric Encryption
5. Asymmetric Encryption
6. Certificate Authority

7. Decryption Logics

8. Sample Coding


Next : XOR key finder - Find the XOR key source code.

Screen shot


This program run on XOR technique. If we XOR two value say A, B it will give a third value say C, If we again XOR A with C it will return B. That is the logics.

      65 XOR 160   =   225       1000001  XOR  10100000  =  11100001
     225 XOR 160   =    65      11100001  XOR  10100000  =   1000001

Rest of the program is very simple, We load a text file into first text box and XOR each and every character by the Encryption function it takes two argument one is KyCode which is numeric value possible value from 1 to 255 however if you want to display encrypted text set a range from 150 to 200, because no printing character will not display properly. Second argument is String Input.

Public Function Encryption(ByVal CodeKey As Integer, ByVal strDataIn As String) As String
        Dim i As Integer
       Dim j As Long
        Dim StrOut As String
        StrOut = ""
        For j = 1 To Len(strDataIn)
            i = Asc(Mid(strDataIn, j, 1)) Xor CodeKey
            StrOut = StrOut & Chr(i)
        Encryption = StrOut
    End Function

Here I am giving you sample code how to encrypt and decrypt MS Access Database, If you understand the logics you can encrypt and decrypt any type of databases like SQL Server, Oracle. You can only encrypt and decrypt Text or Varchar field.

Download the source code and project files


It is free to download, source code are well commented, complete visual basic source code can be download from the download link. I did not claim any copyright for this XOR encryption, decryption program and source code. You can freely download this XOR encrypt, decrypt program and use all or part of this program as you want. This is tested and live project visual basic source code however, my advice to you that you should take a backup of your original text file or database file before use this XOR encryption, decryption program. This XOR encryption and decryption VB program is based on ASCII code, we need to pass same code for both encrypt and decrypt process.

  Language: Visual Basic  Platform: Win 2000, Win XP
  Category: Security Program  Cost: $0.0
  Copyright: NO  Source Code: YES
  Size: 95 KB  Download: 986 Times
  No of Files: 15


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